Guided mail sorting system


Mailroom Assistant® is a modern mail sorting system which makes the sorting process easy and inspiring. With the system your customers receive shipments perfectly on time.

Saves time, space and costs.


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Mail operator solutions

Mail operator Solutions

In recent years many national mail operators have run into situation where their business is about to change significantly. Amount of easily sorted material is decreasing when invoices are sent in electronic form and authorities are developing their online services.

  • Sorting personnel does not need to memorize addresses or routes.
  • Amount of errors is minimized.
  • Anyone can do the manual sorting. No special training, experience or knowledge is needed.

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In-house solutions

In-House Solutions

Mailroom Assistant® helps the postal personnel by changing the memory based operations to computer assisted. This way amount of errors is minimized and all operations are registered during the process.

  • Clear and transparent postal process.
  • More efficient handling of shipments.
  • Full tracking of all shipments in the process.
  • Recipients maintain their own address details.
  • Small investment.
  • Short payback time.


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Guided mail sorting system


Mailroom Assistant® provides solutions for mail registration, handling, sorting, tracking and tracing. Solutions are utilized in
mail centers by national and commercial operators and also in customer’s premises by in-house mail operators.


Mailroom Assistant® systems are built for making the life of postal professionals easier and more convenient. State of the art
ergonomics and the completely new way of thinking in the field of usability are the cornerstones of our R&D.


Developed together with Finnish Institute Of Occupational Health and Posti Group Corporation (Finland).